Second Chance Book by Robert Kiyosak


The world is in crisis and we are being led down a path of currency collapse!

As a prepared community we are all too familiar with the devastation, chaos and financial ruin that is waiting for us around the corner. Each of us does our best to prepare ourselves and our families for it.

Sadly however, when it comes down to it, most people are blind to the signs or are simply under prepared for the impending economic crash. Even if you think you are 100% prepared you need to listen up to what I have to share

Why? Because I can tell you, what I learned over the weekend really opened my eyes up to the Financial Crisis happening in our country.

Ok, so yes, I am well aware that  there is a financial crisis coming, but what I didn’t realize was just how close we really are and how nothing is being done to prevent it.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to read a book that has been on my list of must reads since it came out earlier this year.

It’s called Second Chance. For your money, your life and our world.

The Second Chance book is by Robert Kiyosak, the best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

secondchacne1In this book Robert dives into how you can turn that coming financial crisis into real “cashflow” for you and your family.

The message that comes through the loudest is that in order to make any intelligent decisions going forward, you need to be educated, informed and ready.  This book is not another book about investments and financial planning or how to secure currency wealth (why would you want that anyways)

It’s about understanding how we got into our current state of financial crisis and how we can cope and even thrive going forward by living a rich life according to your own standards.

For me…The Second Chance book opened my eyes a little wider then they had been previously and I am thankful for my years of prepping. If you are one of those individuals who is still sitting on the sidelines watching the ski instead of the game I urge you to 1. Get this book and 2. Start preparing for the inevitable.

So yes…we are a world in crisis. BUT, there is opportunity to be found in this crisis! Find out how to create a better future for you and your family. Order your Second Chance book today and secure your future now…

A special thanks to RichDad for sponsoring today’s discussion

What are you doing to prepare for the coming financial crisis? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Michael bobier

    March 13, 2015 at 3:19 am

    nobody says when the economic risks is going to hit. I believe it will be 2016 just right before the election. The signs all point to it. What signs you say? The biggest one in the media today. Hillary Clinton is being thrown under the Obama bus and is fixing to run her over. How does this lead up to an economic breakdown? Simple. He just took out the only democrat that stands a chance of getting in his way for his ultimate goal. KING. The fed will keep the money pumping into the economy right up till just a couple of weeks or months before the election then will stop pumping the money or will just simply let it crash. Economic ruin. Or the possibility of it will soon become a reality. Riots, mass caos, violence and looting will occur. Stores will be cleaned out in minutes. Obama with one fatal swipe of his pen will usher in martial law, suspend the election, but just till things settle down alittle bit and the country has a chance to recover and then he will allow the election to occur but by that time he will have established his throne. America will be thrown back to pre revolutionary war times and anybody not willing to comply, well you will be. Under the same bus most of his administration has Ben pitched under. Another sign this is going to happen. Remember a few weeks ago when all that gold went missing just suddenly off the streets? Have they found it yet. Nope and they never will. Is this a conspiracy theory? Maybe . Is it plausible? Very. Mark my word we are not going to see OBAMA go quietly from the White House in 2016 if even at all.

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