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Founded in 2011 – is one of the fastest growing prepper blogs on the web,  giving you the EXPERT advice you need to survive catastrophes, economic collapse, and the end of the world as we know it.

We bring you some of the best articles, videos and how-to’s from around the internet to give you – our readers a wide variety of information on all things survival, prepping and disaster related.

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Skip Tanner: The Expert Prepper / Lead Author

As leSkipTanner-150x150ad writer for Author Skip Tanner is one of the nations leading voices on Emergency Preparation – better known as Prepping.

Born and raised off of the Hurricane battered coast of the Carolina’s, Skip Tanner learned at a young age that disaster can be just moments away. After experiencing the devastating affects of Hurricane Emily and Fran, Skip soon realized the preparation was the key to surviving a major catastrophe.

His childhood was spent outdoors, camping and fishing, hunting and exploring. Skip spent summers on the Tanner family farm, learning the traditions of farming and agriculture from grandfather. At only 16 he created a extensive food and water storage system for his entire family that would’ve fed them for months, when rumors of a technological collapse spread worldwide.

His extensive training as a Boy Scout as well as bushcraft and survival skills taught to him by his father, made the wilderness feel like a second home to the young man.

After relocating to the Upper Midwest, Skip Tanner worked closely with the local Red Cross Disaster Relief organization, assisting flood victims during numerous tragedies.

With these years of real world experience along with countless hours of study and research – Skip Tanner has become the lead writer for, been featured on tv and radio, and has recently completed his first book on disaster preparedness.

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Richard Bogath: Author

richardbogathRichard Bogath is an NRA certified firearms instructor, certified hunter instructor, youth league pistol coach, professional hunting guide, published author, writer for several online publications about firearms, blogger, lecturer and proud dad. When not performing any of these fun activities, he is a successful e-commerce business consultant.


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Guest Contributors: Experts

Expert Prepper Has many guest authors who will stop in from time to time to share their stories, share stories, give advice and even talk about exclusive offers. If you are interested in writing for us or in being a guest author please contact us for further details.

Here is a short list of Guest Contributors and Experts to our site:

  1. James Tolboe – Valley Food Storage
  2. Cabelas –
  3. Dan –

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