Affiliate Disclaimer

To our most trusted, friends and readers: At Swann Media and, we believe in total transparency. And unlike some of our competitors, we will always be up front with you about our business as well as what we’re up to – because our business is our home.

Why are we so concerned with honesty and integrity when other businesses operate with less compassion?

Simple. We know it’s impossible to build lasting, trustworthy relationships on a substandard foundation. And compassion IS our business.

In the Swann Media and  we sometimes recommend products, and with those recommendations we sometimes earn commissions on sales from the referrals.

These commissions help us pay for things like site expenses and newsletter deliveries so we can continue to offer you the latest findings and prepping and survival information in our blogs, newsletters, and the great insider tips you won’t find anywhere else at no cost to you.

Fact is, we’re asked every day – literally – to promote all kinds of products for varied commission earnings. But the only products we will ever recommend are products that we can honestly stand behind 100% – products that we believe in and use ourselves.

If we haven’t used the product first-hand, found it to be of exceptional quality, AND believe it will help you achieve your goals faster without a shred of doubt, then we don’t and won’t recommend it. Period.

Thank you so much for being our trusted friends and subscribers. This is our way of assuring you that your best interest and that of your loved ones, is and always will be our number one priority. Because you’re a valued part of our insiders circle, we pledge to help you look and feel your best for life and never keep secrets. You and your family feel safe in your home. You deserve to feel safe in ours.