9 Camping Hacks and Tips


MacGyver was a classic show.

One of the things everyone remembers was MacGyver’s ability to jerry rig the most intricate contraptions from everyday objects.

Although sometimes (alright maybe more than sometimes) a little farfetched these ideas and tactics can be practiced and incorporated into your survival repertoire.

Skills in impromptu engineering and problem solving can keep you alive and assist you in other areas of your day to day life.

MacGyverUse these camping tips and “hacks” to help get your mind kick started on brainstorming ideas that could help serve you when you really need it.

1. Make a spoon from an empty plastic two liter by cutting out one of the nodules on the base of the container. Extend your cut up the side of the container to form a handle and sturdy with a small stick if necessary.

2. Carry seasoning/spices in clear straws and burn the ends to create a seal. Empty Tic-Tac containers can be used in the same fashion or they can hold a small fishing kit.

3. Carry 10 or so pre scrambled eggs in an empty water bottle. Fits easily in your cooler, takes up less space and you don’t have to worry about shells breaking.

4. Make an impromptu speaker by playing music through your phone and then placing it in a ceramic cup.

5. Use a vegetable peeler to make one time use slices of bath soap. Carry 3-5 slices instead of an entire bar of soap.

6. Fill a toilet paper roll with lint from your dryer to create your own fire starters. They make effective tinder when kept dry and it’s an easy way to recycle.

7. Have AAA Batteries and a Device that takes AA’s? Ball up some aluminum foil and place it in the empty gap to complete the circuit. FYI this can only be done with batteries of the same voltage.

8. Aluminum Foil is a great multi use item and one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century in my opinion. Put meat and vegetables in a tin foil pouch and throw it on hot coals for an easy, quick and filling meal.

9. Smoldering Cat Trails or Sage in a fire can be used to repel those annoying insects around your campsite.

If it comes to you against the situation,
don’t let the situation win.” – MacGyver

Keep an open mind towards creative fixes or alterations to gear that will reduce weight, increase space or utilitarian function. Do your homework and continue to research methods that will allow you to effectively do more with less.

Most importantly never leave home without your trusty Swiss Army Knife!

Don’t let the situation win,

Skip Tanner

Expert Prepper
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