U.S. Targets Remain Under “High Terror Threat”

PrepAlert – with Skip Tanner

U.S. Targets Remain Under “High Terror Threat”

Number of ISIS terrorists with potential to invade is “significantly greater than we have seen from any other safe haven since 9/11.”

Dear Fellow Patriot,

This is not good news…
So if you’re looking for a comfort story…or a tear jerker about Joan Rivers dying then please look somewhere else.
I’m here to let you know that things are worse than you may think. But I’ll also tell you what to do about it in just a moment.
First let me tell you what I found out.
I’m not going to waste time telling you who ISIS is. If you don’t know, you don’t belong here.
The ISIS group of cowardly rebels who recently beheaded 2 American journalists for no other reason than to tell us we suck, is posing a threat to our homeland the likes of which haven’t been seen since 9/11.
They have bomb-making skills and what’s even more sinister – they have embedded soldiers hiding like the cowards they are in our very own backyards as well as all over the rest of the world.
In fact, they suspect – as you may already know – that it was a British rap artist who took the head of James Foley – one of the American journalists I mentioned earlier.
These updates on terror come from multiple U.S. Intelligence Officials who must remain anonymous
Comes the chilling warning from a former U.S. Counterterrorism Official, “While trying to rank threats or compare them to previous threat periods is a hazardous endeavor, the current threat coming out of ISIS – and Syria more broadly – is extremely high.”
Even though the forces found in Syria and Iraq are assorted at best, he went on to speak of “sub-elements [that are] especially worrisome because of their commitment to attack the West.”
Assorted or not they all have the same goal.

And that’s really what these guys are all about: crushing our way of life…the very fabric that our forefathers wove for us, our children, and our children’s children.

A Senior Counterterrorism Official warns that recently, “ISIS has accumulated tens of millions in wealth, large amounts of military equipment and ordnance, and has expanded the safe haven in which it operates.”

It’s no great shocker then to hear that while they were busy fortifying their caches, training grounds, and bank accounts the number of targeted U.S. military personnel has increased in tandem.

Still the talking heads in Washington do their best to perpetuate the popular “can’t happen here” mentality…

Peter King, R-New York who doubles as a chair on the House Committee on Homeland Security tells any moron who’ll listen that there’s no “immediate” U.S. threat.

Here are the facts, Jack…er, Pete – ISIS is beefing up their finances. Swelling up their militias. And expanding their arsenal of weapons…

They’re cutting the heads off of honest, God-loving Americans who only have the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And they’re growing on a global scale as more terror groups are copycatting in Africa and elsewhere in the Middle East.

And the FBI is currently “investigating a handful of individuals” who made the trek from Minnesota to Syria.

But there’s probably no immediate threat, right?

Across the pond, the U.K. is sweating over a higher concern of domestic terrorism too…

In fact, British officials have guesstimated that 400 – 500 Brits – foreign fighters and Muslim converts – have returned to the U.K. from Syria.

And Obama’s not helping.
His ignorance of the severity of this situation is appalling to say the very least.
Obama said that he will not be “intimidated” by the gruesome beheadings of our own defenseless people…
And NOT to expect an escalated response to the Sotloff, Foley murders.
Because of this lack of U.S. “escalated response” these ISIS animals have been aloud to flourish…honing their barbaric skills…and enjoy the uninterrupted freedom to plot against us at will.
Well I’m not going to trust bureaucratic spin doctors like Peter King…I’m going to stand up for my God-given rights as an American to make sure I don’t go down in the face of national panic when the SHTF.

I’m going to do all I can to make sure I’m fortified too.
Will you let me help you create your safe-haven and avoid the calamity that is sure to come when these cowards finally invade our homeland?It’s cheap, easy, and so powerful you won’t believe what I’m going to show you…

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Skip Tanner
Creator of ExpertPrepper.com


North Korea’s Nuclear Reactions


– with Skip Tanner

September 6th, 2014

North Korea’s Nuclear Reactions

The latest update indicates plutonium possible

Yongbyon nuclear plant
Dear reader,

The United Nations keeps a gumshoe spying on areas of interest all over the world.

Now you’ve heard me report on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities and their threats of world-wide domination (okay – just South Korea, Japan, and possibly the California coastline, but you gotta start somewhere) but now it seems they’re at least looking like their threats are to be taken more seriously.

This UN watchdog agency has released an aerial snapshot and subsequent report on the operation of a nuclear reactor where North Korea could be making plutonium.

Ahh yes – the telltale signs of steam rising and the release of water from the complex gives us good reason to suspect these freedom-haters are up to no good – and that could spell trouble for us all.

See, North Korea calls its wee nuclear program a “treasured sword” to use and strike us down because they see us as hostile.

Come on.

I’m sorry but when was the last time we threatened THEM with a nuclear strike?

And brother, if we did they can be sure to kiss their aunt Cho-Hee’s ash can goodbye because it wouldn’t take much to wipe out their pocket of land.

But I digress…

You see, North Korea’s nuclear capabilities “remain a matter of serious concern” says the watchdog – International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

They’re the group in charge of continuous monitoring of the Yongbyon nuclear complex in North Korea.

“Since late August, 2013 the Agency has observed through analysis of satellite imagery, steam discharges and the outflow of cooling water at the 5 MW(e) reactor – signatures which are consistent with the reactor’s operation,” the report went on.

Now here’s something interesting about all this hub-bub…North Korea dispatched (as in made to leave – not murder) IAEA inspectors in 2009 and they haven’t been back since.

A little odd wouldn’t you say? If you have nothing to hide, then there’s no reason not to let mom into your room, know what I mean?

Now this reactor in Yongbyon has been defunct for years. Or has it?

Experts on the matter estimated that it would only take about 6 months to get this plant on the road to developing the necessary amounts of plutonium to make a nuclear weapon.

In light of all this back-and-forth and do they or don’t they nonsense I’m forced to ask…

Will we ever get the truth?

And then I’m forced to answer: does it really matter.

I mean, you can ponder and toss around your own worry and conclusion until the bomb goes off in your back yard or you see North Korea collapse and become the 15th U.S. territory.

I’m here to tell you that you need to make sure you’re ready for ANY scenario…

And when you have confirmed reports like this one: “North Korea has apparently made a decision to renovate the aged 5 MW(e) reactor to make plutonium for nuclear weapons for many more years,” buddy – it’s hard to sit there and go, “will they or won’t they?”

And satellite pics from late June showed that this reactor was active – as in crankin’ out the hits…

The trouble is it’s real easy for us to sit here in our air conditioned man-caves getting ready for the football season to open this Sunday and worry about North Korea.

But you need to.

Because friend, it ain’t a matter of if the SHTF it’s only a matter of when – and by who’s hand.

If you want to truly be able to relax this Sunday and pull up a hot cocktail frank, a cold beer, and watch the game – you need to know that you’re prepared for anything that comes down that pipe.

Because wondering gets you nothing – and it’s a waste of your time.

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Skip Tanner

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North Korea Threatens Whitehouse, Pentagon…


– with Skip Tanner


July 28th, 2014

Happy Anniversary – Now Prepare the Bomb Shelters

North Korea Threatens Whitehouse, Pentagon…


Dear Fellow Patriot,

The Korean War ended July 27th, 1953.

It lasted exactly 3 years, 1 month, and 2 days…don’t ask me how many hours.

The point is, there was no peace. Only a useless armistice…a cease fire which means that 36,516 Americans died for no good reason.

In fact, exactly 61 years (and a day) later, the North and South are still divided…still at war. And North Korea still hates us Westerners.

Now – directly from their Seoul – the latest threat to our way of life comes from the North.

Top-ranking North Korean military big-wig Hwang Pyong-so has threatened the Whitehouse and the Pentagon with a nuclear strike.

This came in response to a number of South Korean and US military drills that included parking a nuclear powered US air-craft carrier in their neighborhood.

“If the US imperialists threaten our sovereignty and survival… our troops will fire our nuclear-armed rockets at the White House and the Pentagon – the sources of all evil,” Hwang said in a speech today on state television.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The Taliban, ISIS…pretty much all of the Middle East thinks we’re the source of all evil too…

Now most experts don’t believe they have the range it would take to hit our coastline let alone our Nations Capitol.

But let me ask you this: what if they were able to get it, say, NEAR California…or NEAR Texas? So these experts are trusting that the fallout from such a strike would be no cause for alarm?

I’m sorry, friend, but I don’t share their enthusiasm…

Plus if they CAN drop one off the coast they would be able to reach Hawaii with no trouble at all and guess what? That’s one of ours too!

And what about this…

28,500 of our boys are stationed in South Korea

Saturday, Kim Jong-Un staged a simulation in which a short-range missile strike was carried out on South Korea.

If they became so inclined, that would wipe out nearly as many of our troops as the entire Korean War.

So no – I’m not taking their constant threats lightly…or with a grain of salt…or with the “belief” that they can’t reach us with at least a little tooth extracting fallout.

Friend – we know they have nukes. We know they can fire them. Are you going to just sit around and hope the can’t reach as far as they say they can?

That’s another thing I’m not going to do.

Now more than ever it’s clear to me – and all preppers across the country – that the time to get ready to protect yourself and your family is NOW.

You keep putting this off and it will bite you in the ass – I guarantee it.

I tell you all this not to scare you – but to warn you. On the other hand, maybe you should be scared.

Fear is a great motivator. And if that’s what it takes to light a fire under you and get you to be serious about this stuff then here’s your WAKE-UP call.

I take the time to tell you how to keep yourself and your family safe.

All I ask is that you take the time to review the safety and prep plans I’ve created.

Because I created them for you.

You see, I’m already prepared. I know what I’m going to do when “that can’t happen here” happens – again…think 9/11.

The “experts” didn’t see that coming either.

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I’m Skip Tanner and I’m here to help.

I’m Skip Tanner and I’m prepared.

How Iraq Could “Derail” the US Economy…


– with Skip Tanner

How Iraq Could “Derail” the US Economy…and Send Us Into a TailspinPresident Obama

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Let me cut right to the quick for you.

We spent over a trillion simoleans to “fix” Iraq’s broken wing.

Despite the removal of Saddam Hussein and the “reunification” of their country – that no citizen wanted, by the way, over half the US population believes that we FAILED to accomplish our goal. Yet we’re vehemently opposed to spending any more money and worse – lives – to go back and try to salvage our efforts – save face, as it were.

But there’s something more sinister at play here…something that could quickly and easily derail our fragile economy and send our great country into an uncontrollable tailspin…resulting in a crash from which we’d be hard-pressed to recover.

Let me explain…

Obama refuses to step in despite Prime Minister’s requests

As Sunni insurgents continue to push forward under the flag of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – in case you’ve been preoccupied lately) toward Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has asked President Obama to help out.

Thus far Obama has refused.

GOOD, right?

Not exactly…

See, if we get involved, immeasurable amounts of blood will spill from both sides – again. And we’ll have to spend another what, 9 hundred and 99 BILLION on another war we cannot win?

Come on…

In any event, Northern Iraq is poised to fall. And that’s bad news for us.

The Sunnis have already acquired 40 kilograms of uranium compounds and now have the ability to manufacture – and use – weapons of mass destruction.

There’s that phrase again…

Now, this debacle has already caused international “oil shock” but the real rub is far and away more devastating than you paying more at the pump.

And as this continues to drive oil prices up, our fragile economic recovery will stall and we may even be driven back into a deep recession. And on top of that…

This makes the US look weak and pathetic

President Obama abandon the Middle Eastern war in 2011.

He trusted the Maliki government to “do the right thing” and get the country back on track. That trust was grossly misplaced.

We handed over tens of billions of dollars to Maliki to help fast-track their success…when ISIS finally forces the country to fail, it will be the greatest foreign policy disaster our country has ever seen.

What’s that going to do for morale?

So let me bring you up to speed…

Our economy is threatened with financial collapse because of the pending oil crisis, ISIS has enough uranium to take over Southern Syria an Northern Iraq, and US morale will be dragging through the mud.

That’s going to make a lot of folks nervous…anxious…and ready to protect themselves against an all-out crumble.

These are the events that separate the men from the boys…the strong from the weak…and the prepared from the dying.

Where do you see yourself when the SHTF?

Are you ready for what’s next or will you be on the side of the weak – looking for handouts or whatever scraps you can find to keep yourself and your family barely alive?

I tell you – it’s all up to you. But if I were you, I’d make damn sure I was ready to face the music when our house of cards finally crumbles.

There are just a few simple things you can start doing right now – whether you’ve been prepping all along (as I suggested) or not.

And I’m here to help.

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I’m Skip Tanner and I’m prepared.

Crafting the Survival Mindset

Could one small thing you learned years ago save your life?

Absolutely. Knowledge is power and at no time is this saying truer than when one you are faced with a life or death situation. A serious life threatening scenario can arise in the blink of an eye and often when least expected.

You Only Have Seconds To React

It’s likely that you won’t have but mere seconds to react and the thousands of dollars in gear you have accumulated in your lifetime won’t be there when you need it most. If you haven’t properly prepared your mind and body the decisions you make (or don’t make) could result in grave injury to yourself or others.

Preparing your mind for survival is an everyday learning process. You may have already begun and not even realized it. Scanning individuals as potential threats, constantly being aware of your surroundings and anticipating future events are all survival-based instincts.
Day after day you are faced with challenges, overcoming fear and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. How you go about harnessing and overcoming your fears is one of the most important and difficult survival skills to attain.

Physically preparing your body for survival can be equally difficult. At all times a survival minded individual needs to maintain a certain level of fitness to remain effective. If you are quickly winded or drained of energy you are that much more likely to lose focus and potentially make a mistake.

It seems like most accidents happen because a person fails to maintain focus in the task at hand. Often times as a direct result of being stressed, distracted, or tired. If you consistently train yourself and practice to be completely involved in each and everything you do there is no doubt your efficiency will increase dramatically.

Prepare Yourself With The Right Tools

Tao O SurvivalOne book that has helped me greatly in my quest for a higher sense of awareness/focus is The Tao of Survival by James Morgan Ayres. This book incorporates instruction on everything from Interpersonal Interactions / Conflict, to Basic Life and Wilderness Skills. Click Here to read more…

An you will of course want to pick up a copy of Expert Prepper’s Blueprint To Survival Library by yours truly. In it I have combined my many years of experience and combined knowledge into this wide-ranging collection of books covering topics from bartering to wilderness survival and critical food items to stock up on. Click Here to read more…

Be warned these books will challenge you in ways you aren’t used to in an effort to build you up better than before. Don’t give up!

These books and many others like it serve to help people not only in a survival situations but everyday life as well. The relevant survival situations you are most likely to encounter won’t be in the form of disarming a bomb or wrestling an Alligator. Rather they will show themselves in your everyday lives as a split second reaction to an oncoming vehicle or performing CPR.

James Morgan Ayres, Author of The Tao of Survival says it best:

“Having a plan in case of a fire or earthquake or hurricane or if the boat sinks is only prudent. But trying to plan for all eventualities is a never-ending and ultimately fruitless task. Better to have specific plans for likely events and trust yourself to react appropriately when the unexpected occurs, as it will.”

Skip Tanner

How do you prepare  yourself  mentally?